Thursday, December 6, 2012

More about Art's Tales

Tadaaaa!! Here we are again.

The Art's Tales logo has been created by the talented Roomani Kulkarni , who illustrated my first ( and only so far) picture book, Have you Seen this? from Tulika.

Can you make out the words on the book the tall kid is holding?
Sing, Dance, Laugh, Learn- That is what Art's Fun Tales are all about and we can always do more of what you choose from among those.

Do you see the baby?
Yes, they love stories and it is never too early to start. If there are enough 18- 36 month olds, I could also bring you a special learning based story module (eight   sessions of an hour duration) for the little ones in association with the wonderful storyteller Praba from Chennai.


  1. Wonderul! The logo has all the elements characteristic of you, Art. Clear, non-fussy lines, a cheerful feeling hard to ignore, and inclusiveness.

    I'm booking you right now for A's next birthday. If we celebrate it here.

  2. Oh, and compliment Roomani over capturing your essence so well. :)

  3. Awesome, Art! Learn, Sing, Dance, Play, Fun! What else can a kid ask for?

  4. Very Apt and I love the curlies in the logo.