Monday, September 29, 2014

Urban Folk at Kitsch Mandi

Was a performer at Kitsch Mandi which I have visited long ago as a ...what else shopper.

Had planned more native stories like An Identity Card for Krishna but ended up doing tales from Cuba, Africa and Hampi given the audience profile.

An interesting and novel experience.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Arts Tales at BLF 2014

A session for Tulika's new books from the NE - that is what took me to BLF this year as a performer
The session was delayed and it began at lunch time  ( 1pm)
Given that, it was well attended , with Parikarma kids also marking their attendance
Began with a warm up and made the kids race- Mary versus Kom, asked a few trivia on the NE region

Then moved into Race of the Rivers. This was followed by another race and then did a wrap with Handreelmai's Loom - Tak Tak Sum was the hook there.
Closed by asking folks to learn more about NE- you see like we do not wish to be labelled Madrasis I am sure they would like individual identities to be recognized.They are 7 sisters and 1 brother state after all.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Super Birthday Do

Had a wonderful session with 6 and under at a  birthday of a young lad who likes HYST!

Tried to keep it organic, franchise neutral and active and fun.

So chuffed by the feedback.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Namak ho Takloo ka Takloo Namak the yester-years  Tata salt jingle goes.

For Pratham's International Literacy day I managed to do four sessions and they went off really well.

The book is very well illustrated and has multiple concepts to explore:
- Entrepreneurship
- Coins and currency
- Relative size
- Colours and shades
- even Cameras
The first session also concluded my Tentastic Champions for the year
 Across sessions, I mostly narrated in English with a few words in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil added in

Dressed in as much of a Maharashtrian attire as I could, the  Karadi song Kites Kites morphed into with Pots Pots. Also  created a chant liek Paplu last year:
Takloo Takloo
Five yr old Takloo
Smart Little Takloo
Salt Seller Takloo
Home ( 20 kids)

Kidwai ( 20 kids) with Girish from Samiksha as the able translator- I avoided the word Takloo and used Bablu here lest I hurt someone inadvertently

AV ( 30 kids)
Added the story of King Lear for these enthusiastic bunch.

A great feeling!!