Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fairy tales - Art Style

Conducted an interesting session on a theme unexplored by me so far- Fairies!

I used Sabuda's pop up book and Gijjigadus and of course Gajapati Kulapati ( yes it fits in with the theme) !

The kids also did a feather hunt to help the trapped fairy out of the castle.

The clues led to a colour we associate  with a certain fairy tale character- yellow for Snowwhite, blue for Ariel and so on

Had a treasure box for them to answer using phonics 

Finally did a fairy craft thanks to a post from Shruti of Artsy Craftsy fame

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  1. I'm delighted Gajapati Kulapati took part though I don't know how! Thanks from Gajapati and me, Art Navy! :~)