Thursday, March 13, 2014

Magic of voice

What lovely notes the kids have put together for me!!

Read on.............
We had an interactive session with an author called Ms. Arthi Anand.  She told us the importance of reading books. She also told us the story of reading books. She told us the story of her latest book “Ranganna” It was very fun as she made us dance and sing while she was telling the story. It was a wonderful experience.- Ira Grade 3
The author Ms. Arthi Anand told the importance of reading a story. She read out a story “ Ranganna” I enjoyed a lot because she made us  sing a song on “Ranganna”. We had a fun.-Tamanna Grade 3
Ms. Aarti is really creative. She writes stories for children. Her way of storytelling is really impressive. She taught us a song on her story Ranganna. We wish to meet her- Aaditi Grade 2
The author told the importance of reading and also told her story Ranganna. It’s a story of an elephant. I love that story a lot. We all enjoyed with the author. She made us sing and she answered our queries.- Shlok Grade 3
Ms. Aarti Anand wrote a story of an elephant. She told the importance of reading. Though it was an audio session , she involved us in the song and dance. The author is multitalented as she was singing so nicely.  We love you. We wish to meet you. – Shamala  Grade 3
Ms. Arti is the best author. – Vetali, Grade 2

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