Saturday, September 6, 2014

Namak ho Takloo ka Takloo Namak the yester-years  Tata salt jingle goes.

For Pratham's International Literacy day I managed to do four sessions and they went off really well.

The book is very well illustrated and has multiple concepts to explore:
- Entrepreneurship
- Coins and currency
- Relative size
- Colours and shades
- even Cameras
The first session also concluded my Tentastic Champions for the year
 Across sessions, I mostly narrated in English with a few words in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil added in

Dressed in as much of a Maharashtrian attire as I could, the  Karadi song Kites Kites morphed into with Pots Pots. Also  created a chant liek Paplu last year:
Takloo Takloo
Five yr old Takloo
Smart Little Takloo
Salt Seller Takloo
Home ( 20 kids)

Kidwai ( 20 kids) with Girish from Samiksha as the able translator- I avoided the word Takloo and used Bablu here lest I hurt someone inadvertently

AV ( 30 kids)
Added the story of King Lear for these enthusiastic bunch.

A great feeling!!

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